Morrissey's Autobiography has become one of the fastest-selling memoirs since official sales records began

22 October 2013

Morrissey's much-anticipated Autobiography (Penguin Classics) has become one of the fastest-selling memoirs since official sales records began.

Autobiography's sale is the biggest first-week sale from a musician's memoir since official sales records began in 1998, beating previous record holder Keith Richards' Life (Weidenfeld). The latter sold 28,213 copies in its opening week back in October 2010.

Annie Lennox statement

22 October 2013

Reading the various reviews of Morrissey's autobiography, the divisive reactions are fascinating...With a life steeped in the acute articulation of what it feels like to be an "outsider's outsider"... Mr M continues to stir and shake us up.
I'm appreciative and grateful for his extraordinary artistry, artifice and social/personal commentary... and more than anything I wish him the freedom and space to be himself...unencumbered and unhampered by anyone's "opinion" or projection of who they think he is or should be. He's made a profound connection and difference to a multitude of lives, which is more than can be said for the belligerent scribers who seem to have a bone to pick with his very existence.
We all have to live with ourselves at the end of the day, till the end of our days...and I think he's a very elegant survivor.
God bless Morrissey and all who ever dared to sail forth, with or without a compass.

Morrissey's Autobiography has entered the UK book chart at number 1, and has become the fastest-ever selling music memoir

22 October 2013

Morrissey's Autobiography has entered the UK book chart at number 1, and has become the fastest-ever selling music memoir. It is also one of the fastest-ever selling memoirs generally. No book has sold as quickly since Kate McCann's 2011 book Madeleine.

Morrissey's Autobiography published today

17 October 2013

Morrissey's Autobiography published today

Autobiography Artwork

Morrissey's Autobiography is published today by Penguin Classics. The book is available now throughout Europe in book shops and through online retail outlets.

Morrissey in Sweden

11 October 2013

Morrissey in Sweden

Morrissey will appear at Akademibokhandeln Nordstan in Goteborg (Sweden) on Thursday 17 October to sign copies of his Autobiography. The book is available throughout Europe on this date.
Akademibokhandeln Nordstan is at Norra Hamngatan 26, 411 06 Goteborg. Their telephone number is +46 31 61 70 30, and their email is
Morrissey will appear at 5 pm.
No additional book signings are planned.

Press release: Autobiography

3 October 2013

Press Release For Autobiography

On 17 October 2013, Penguin Classics will publish Autobiography by Morrissey.

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born in Manchester on May 22nd 1959. Singer-songwriter and co-founder of the Smiths (1982-1987), Morrissey has been a solo artist for twenty-six years, during which time he has had three number 1 albums in England in three different decades.

Achieving eleven Top 10 albums (plus nine with the Smiths), his songs have been recorded by David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, Marianne Faithfull, Chrissie Hynde, Thelma Houston, My Chemical Romance and Christy Moore, amongst others.

An animal protectionist, in 2006 Morrissey was voted the second greatest living British icon by viewers of the BBC, losing out to Sir David Attenborough. In 2007 Morrissey was voted the greatest northern male, past or present, in a nationwide newspaper poll. In 2012, Morrissey was awarded the Keys to the City of Tel-Aviv.

It has been said 'Most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status that Morrissey has reached in his lifetime.'

Penguin Classics will publish in the UK & Commonwealth and Europe.

Press contact: Rosie Glaisher, 020 7010 3150,


13 September 2013

The publication of Morrissey's Autobiography remains with Penguin Books.
This is a deal for the UK and Europe, but Morrissey has no contract with a publisher for the U.S. or any other territory.
As of 13 September, Morrissey and Penguin (UK) remain determined to publish within the next few weeks.


12 September 2013

Autobiography Artwork

Although Morrissey's Autobiography was set to be available throughout the UK on September 16th, a last-minute content disagreement between Penguin Books and Morrissey has caused the venture to collapse. No review copies were printed, and Morrissey is now in search of a new publisher.


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